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Ferrule Fitting-3

This machine allows anyone to make a perfect tenon for the ferrules on cues. A tenon is the part of the shaft that the ferrule is attached to. The ferrule protects the end of the cue from splitting. When the ferrule gets worn out it’s time for a new one. This machine cuts old ones off and prepares the tenon for new ones. Just slip the machine over the top of the cue and tighten down the collet to the desired height. Adjust the set screw for the desired diameter and then just pull the blade in and shave off the excess. Perfect for those who wish to do their own work on house cues without investing thousands in a lathe. Requires a little practice but once mastered make life so easy when doing those dreaded house cue chores. With practice this machine even helps to trim the tips and get them in perfect shape.