• About Us​

  • Comet, which has developed for over 20 years in Malaysia and now, is one of the major companies in local Billiards Equipments industry, especially in supplying Snooker, Pool tables and its related accessories to fulfill the needs for billiards equipment derived from different stages of customer. Other than offering quality products, Comet do provide services of installing, re-locate and refurbish of the snooker and pool tables for commercial purpose or self-owned; regardless of its size or model, with our experienced and skilled personnel in order to assure on the outcome to conduct all the works.

    By operating over the years, Comet is now equipped with experience and know-how which are valuable and precious in developing in-house products, with the name of CM1. Currently we have accessories such as billiard balls, chalks, cues, cue tips, spare parts and etc manufactured under CM1, which symbol for quality and value for money with most moderate pricing. Not to omit the billiards table: Snooker and Pool. With the name of CM1, Comet only source for the best quality materials along practical design which proved to operate with minimum malfunction, and produce under the hands of experienced, skilled experts. At present there are various sizes of Snooker tables, Pool tables, British or American Design, with/without coin-operate mechanism which quality are ensured by the brand of CM1.

  • Due to the popularity and potential demand of Table Soccer, as known as Foosball, Comet start to develop and launched the first Soccer Table in 1998 (M-1998). Until present, we have developed 3 different kinds of table with improvement and features added into respective models (M2003, M-2008 in product detail page). Our aim in this part is to provide the best and leading soccer table to the market, locally or cross-nations, which helps to gain your leisure or your profit. Comet commits to improve continuously on the product whenever is needed and provide the best service to customer.

    Comet’s mission and vision is to deliver the value and satisfaction to its customers by offering quality products and services with the most ideal price, which purchasing team of ours selecting brands based on criteria of its production method, history and name of quality. Also we always recognize that understanding on customer’s need and demand are vital for us to serve better and more efficient, therefore professional advice and consultation answer to customer are always ready and available by our experts.

  • Our lines of Product Range with Authorized Distributorship:

    1. Cues –O’min, CM1, CueTec, Fury, Dufferin and Predator
    2. Table Cloth – Strachan 6811, Riley, Hainsworth 99 and Simonis
    3. Balls – Aramith, CM1
    4. Cues Tips – O’min, Brunswick, Elk Master and Talisman
    5. Chalks – Master, Triangle and Silver Cup
    6. Cue case and bags – CM1