For more than 10 years now, about the only breakthrough in cue technology you could find involves cues that reduced deflection. Unfortunately, that reduced deflection came at a price: Increased vibration and a less than satisfying hit.

But now an amazing new technology – developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) and incorporated into the amazing new Universal SmartShaft – is taking us beyond just reducing deflection to create the best playing cues shaft ever developed.

It’s a breakthrough that not only virtually eliminates deflection – but also reduces vibration by a whipping 47% and provides improved performance every time you step up to the table. That means:

  • An astonishingly solid hit that must be experienced to be believed.
  • More power than you ever thought possible.
  • Better ball control and pinpoint accuracy!

It’s everything you have ever dreamed about in a pool cue…and more!


The Powerful Secret to a More Sold Hit

How can the Universal SmartShaft achieve all this? Take a look…

The secret is a revolutionary new “piezoelectric” fabric originally developed at MIT to dampen vibration in helicopter blades. This fabric has been used for years to reduce vibration in tennis rackets, golf clubs, and snow skis. In fact, it has even been credited with the near elimination of tennis elbow, a painful affliction – caused by racket vibration – that once haunted tennis players.

    Now, thanks to the Universal SmartShaft, this amazing technology is finally available to pool players. The fabric is built into the SmartShaft, where it literally absorbs cue vibration and converts it into electricity. Not only does this reduce cue vibration by 47% - according to laboratory tests – but it also stiffens the fabric and the cue.

    The result: Increased power, Better ball control, Reduced deflection, Improved accuracy, and a quite, Comfortable, and remarkably solid hit.

    It’s no wonder that in the brief introduction period, more than 20 professionals in over countries and more than a thousand league players have now added the Universal SmartShaft to their favorite cue.


A Combination of Benefits no other Shaft can match

However, the amazing piezoelectric fabric isn’t the only thing Universal SmartShaft has going for it. The SmartShaft also provides you with:

  • Eight-piece radial construction for a consistent performance: The shaft – made of high-quality laminated maple – features eight – piece radial construction, which provides a 360 degree sweet spot for more power and consistency.
  • HME Ferrule for improved accuracy: This remarkable ferrule – specially designed for the Universal SmartShaft – is made from an advanced thermoplastic material that flexes slightly on impact, further reducing deflection and vibration, and providing added accuracy. Better yet, unlike other ferrules, the HME has the unique ability to resist chalk, moisture, and discoloration – something players have been demanding for a ling time. It’s also unique in that it won’t melt when placed on a lathe for cleaning – something no other technology ferrule can say.
  • Moori Tips bring better ball control: These high grade layered leather tips provide better ball control. While most cue makers charge extra for a Moori, they’re standard on the (LS) Universal SmartShaft.
  • Patented Universal Adapter allows the SmartShaft to attach to any cue available: our Universal adapter system features 16 adapters to allow the SmartShaft to fit perfectly on more than 50 different cue brands. This means that you can quickly and easily fit the SmartShaft to all your cues


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You will Play Better than Ever Before! With a Universal SmartShaft attached to your fa..
You will Play Better than Ever Before! With a Universal SmartShaft attached to your fa..
You will Play Better than Ever Before! With a Universal SmartShaft attached to your fa..