Style and Value

The FURY NR Series is the perfect cue for those that want some traditional inlay without the price. This series features a mixture of inlays and overlays to create some stunning effects. Simplicity and elegance define this line.

With overlays, graphics, there is no limit to the amount of elements that can be pasted onto a surface. With inlay however there is a limit, a finality that comes from the materials used, the machine's capabilities, the maker's skill in combining materials that normally don't interact. In this line we have used graphic design to enhance the natural beauty and depth of real inlays. Inlays have a depth that overlays just don't quite capture. Using both we have been able to create some pretty neat pool cues.

The bottom line on the NR series is that you get great cues from us with inlays for about half of what a fully inlaid one costs. And that's a neat trick that works for your game as well as your wallet.

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Origins from the point of Simplicity, this cue are making with Ebony, Ivory and Maple and possess..
Sometimes it's simplicity that is the most striking. This one has deeply figured malachite accent..
Another ivory and malachite cue with a brown stain on the birdseye maple. NR-11 is a 58" cus..
Continuing in the malachite vein, we present this one with a lager chunk of flawing into faux ivo..
Back to cherry wood, faux ivory and birdseye this one has a nice simple effect. NR-13 is a 5..
One of the few Jet Black Ebony cues in the NR line this one is defined by the fire opal inlay pro..
Thought FURY were done with malachite? Not on your life, FURY love the stuff. Check out the malac..
We don't know what it is about this cue that rocks but it does. Big ivory ovals, some kind of "H"..
Another great up/down cue with a total of sixteen points of alternating ebony and ivory punctuate..
Another ebony masterpiece. Similar to the NR 14, this one has cherry wood diamonds surrounded by ..
Malachite, ivory and ebony are timeless in this nice up and down design. NR-19 is a 58" cust..
Another one with classic diamonds, featuring ebony, ivory, and maple. NR-2 is a 58" custom p..